What is the prospect of precision machining?



As a company engaged in the precision machining industry, this problem seems to be a bit biased. After all, who would say that the company that he is doing now is not good? But the prospect of domestic precision machining is indeed not optimistic. It can be said that it is a sunset professional. At present, there is a surplus of professional talents in China's machinery manufacturing, Ten years ago, that is, in the 1990s, this profession was very popular. At that time, colleges and universities were enrolled in this industry, and many schools set up this major. Then in the new century, with the development of electronic computers, digital automation technology, network technology and automatic control,    process assembly, the mechanical processing manufacturing industry has gradually been invaded by other professions. After China's accession to the WTO, the original Chinese operations were so bad that they could not be rotted. After the entry into the WTO, they were vulnerable to the impact of Germany, Europe and the  United States and the Japanese manufacturing industry. Going out of the street to see which car is made by the Chinese? What is the proportion of Chinese manufacturing? Look at other industries, such as simple valves, household appliances, the price of imports is higher than the domestic price? The key parts are It is a foreign technology! Now most Chinese manufacturers are handed over to foreign parts for production. Our company bought a domestically produced valve of 5,000 yuan, and bought a valve with the same specifications of 38,000 yuan. Why can't China produce the quality and precision of foreign countries? China's machinery manufacturing industry is already in the sunset, and there are a lot of talents. The wages in this industry are low because of the downturn in this industry (at least 10 years). 

In fact, some of the above passages are seen on the Internet, and they are really very good, but today I want to say that those are only the most basic prospects for machining, and the real precision machining prospects are very good. In the future society, whether it is a car, a watch, a computer, a mobile phone, etc., it is not necessary to use very precise parts. Where these parts come, they are all processed by precision machining. Therefore, the prospect of precision machining in the future is very good, but the premise is that we need our domestic enterprises and talents to prepare themselves. Enterprises must introduce advanced equipment and manage their own enterprises. Talents must learn their skills and even find ways to innovate. As long as the above points are met, the prospects for precision machining will be bright.