It is shown that the “12th Five-Year”



Gear is an irreplaceable key component in modern equipment manufacturing and strategic emerging industries, and plays an important role in wind power, nuclear power, high-speed railway, aerospace and other fields.

It is understood that at present, the annual sales income of the whole industry is about 160 billion yuan, there are more than 1,000 production enterprises, about 400 enterprises above designated size, and about 300,000 employees, which is the largest sub-industry in the basic parts industry. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the gear industry will usher in major development opportunities and gradually complete the transformation from large to strong. The gear industry is developing towards light weight, anti-fatigue and long life.

In recent years, the domestic gear pump industry has been continuously deepened by the domestic good investment environment and infrastructure construction policies. China's gear pump and valve industry will attract new opportunities for continuous growth. Although the current domestic gear pump valve industry is very optimistic, there are some unfavorable factors:

First, due to the rapid development of the domestic pump and valve industry, the brand pumps of large manufacturers have been counterfeited and impacted by small manufacturers. The small manufacturers' pumps occupy the market at low prices, resulting in chaotic market price of pumps and valves. The quality test of the pump valve produced by small manufacturers has never been done. After the customer purchases, the repair rate is extremely high. The pump valves of large manufacturers have made the performance test of the products in all aspects of the products, so the cost will definitely be higher than that of the small manufacturers. This has caused consumers to hesitate when they choose products, choose low prices, risk the high rate of repairs, or choose high-priced products with quality assurance.

Second, under the influence of the financial crisis, the market for steel, construction and its upstream and downstream industries has shrunk sharply. This is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the gear pump and valve industry that relies on the development of these industries. Although the financial crisis has caused a negative impact on China's pump and valve industry to a certain extent, it has also exposed the internal defects of the pump and valve industry. In the market economy system, the survival of the fittest has been greatly improved. Therefore, the enterprises that survived the financial turmoil are absolutely a fair way to compete for the fittest. It also shows that consumers are doing an analysis of this enterprise when choosing gear pump products, followed by product analysis. The old gear pump factory that survived the experience of time has absolutely its own extraordinary advantages in product quality.

The third is: China's domestic market for gear pump and valve industry is very broad, while the export market is slightly "small".

It is shown that the “12th Five-Year” pump and valve industry contributes to the development of a new type of industrialization and develops in the direction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Thanks to the financial crisis, due to the reduction of orders in China's pump and valve industry and the rising prices of raw materials, the industry has begun to eliminate the survival of the fittest. Some of the backward production capacity has been eliminated, which has enabled the pump and valve industry to “lightly install” and gain better development space.